Improve Your English by Reading: 10 Story Suggestions

Improve Your English by Reading

One of the best ways to improve your English is to read English storybooks whenever you can. English books improve your language skills a lot, especially in terms of grammar. Of course, at this point, choosing the right English storybook is very important.

1. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

In the adventures of Tom Sawyer, there is a character named Tom. It tells about the heroic deeds they did at a very young age. It is also a book that explains what this little boy can do with his intelligence. Famous writer Mark Twain wrote about the adventures of Tom Sawyer. You will improve your English with reading these adventures, which are told in simple sentences.

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie is a boy who has a hard time with his poor family. However, the people around the world and Charlie are curious about the mysterious factory of Willy Wonka. He got rich with the chocolate factory. But one day, Willy Wonka hides a golden ticket under 5 chocolate wraps.

However, it is necessary to find the golden tickets to enter the chocolate factory. Therefore, the five children who buy the chocolate and find the golden ticket will see the mystery of the factory. As we have briefly explained, the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is quite interesting. So, you will excitedly read the story for improve your English.

3. Frankestein

If you’re looking for an English reading book, you can read Frankestein, written by Mary Shelley in 1818. In this fantastic story, the story of the medicine student Victor Frankenstein is told. This person creates the dead body by combining the corpse parts. Then the medical student gives life to this dead body by giving an electric current. If you like the horror genre and classic stories, it will definitely be your favorite book. For improve your English reading Frankestein story is a good option.

4. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The story includes the events that developed with the experiments that Henry Jekyll did by risking his life. It also deals with the troubles he caused as a result of these experiments. Jekyll claims that every human being has a good side and a bad side. Therefore, he thinks that man consists of the combination of these two sides. In other words, a person is not one but two people.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote this story after having a dream. For improve your English you should read this story that made Stevenson which is famous around the world.

5. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. In this story series, the adventures of a detective are told. If you have C1 level English, you can read this classic in its original language.

6. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

It is a novel written in 1865 by English writer Lewis Carroll. It tells the story of a young girl named Alice. She falls down a rabbit hole. Also this hole takes her into an underground fantasy world. This fantasy world is inhabited by strange, anthropomorphic creatures.

This story is considered one of the best examples of the literary genre. The fairy tale involves many factors that do not make sense. Moreover, the story has gained enduring popularity among adults as well as children. We recommend reading this book to improve your English.

7. Harry Potter 

The Harry Potter series brought its author J.K Rowling international fame. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a B2 level English book. With this series of books, you learn ancient English words. You can also enjoy reading Harry Potter in its original language.

8. A Tale of Two Cities

It is one of Charles Dickens’ most popular novels. It has the characteristics of a historical novel. It was first published in sections in newspapers in 1859. The Tale of Two Cities is a realistic novel that has become one of the world’s classics. The events in the novel take place in Paris and London before and after the French Revolution (1789-1799). In the novel, all aspects of the hunger, misery and grief experienced by London and Paris are revealed. Improve your English by reading such realistic stories.

9. To Kill a Mockingbird

It is a classic novel written by the American author Harper Lee. It is a story with fluent language, sincere narration and successful reflections of its period. To Kill a Mockinbird is a book we recommend you read if you are looking for a C1 level English book.

10. Animal Farm

British writer George Orwell is best known with his book Nineteen Eighty-Four. Another his book is Animal Farm. It has become a classic too. George Orwell wrote about real socialism in 1940s in this novel. Animal farm is one of the masterpieces of work in world literature. Animals are the protagonists of Animal Farm.

He wrote this novel in a fairy tale narrative. However it is not a fairy tale for the children. You should read animal farm to improve your English with an excellent story.

Write an English Summary of the Storybook You are Reading

We talked about reading English books, which is one of the ways to learn English. Finally, write a summary of the story you read. If you make an English summary of the English story book you are reading, you can see how much you understand the book. Also, you can improve your English writing skills.

10 Basic Rules of English for Beginners

5. Read Books to Learn English

The more English books you read, the better your English will improve. There are many things you can do to improve your English language while studying. As you read, you will often come across words you have never seen before.

Instead of skipping unknown words and continuing to read, take time to learn what they mean according to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners. This is one of the methods you can apply. Sometimes you understand what a word means in a sentence. To do this, you need to look at the words around the unknown word. This usually provides a good clue.

6.  Learn English from YouTube

YouTube has every type of video imaginable. Old comedy shows, movie trailers, funny videos, TV commercials, how-to videos and much more.

Whatever interests you, type it into the search bar on YouTube, choose a video and start watching and listening. It will be much easier for you to understand and learn while watching the video according to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners. Because you have background knowledge on a subject you are interested in while watching something in English.

7. Watch News to Learn English

If you don’t know enough English to understand all the news, read or listen to news on the same topic in your own language first. Then study the English of what you read or listen to. If you don’t understand much, don’t worry. There are also websites that offer simplified news for different levels of English learners.

8. Join Online Language Forums

Another great way to work on your English writing and communication skills is to join one of the online forums. According to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners people have English discussions on topics that interest them in online forms. Reddit, for example, is a popular site with a wide range of topics (called subreddits on the site), so it might be a good place to start. And don’t forget that you can find online forums dedicated to just about any topic.

9. Talk English with Those Who Wish to Learn English

Do you have friends who are in the same situation as you that is trying to learn English? If your answer is “Yes” to this question, you should learn English with them. Depending to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners organize a group of friends to meet each week at home or in a cafe. Ban the use of native language in these meetings. Just bring an English speaking rule. Assign someone to bring something interesting to talk about each week.

10. Set Realistic Goals for Learning English

Set yourself realistic goals and set aside a specific time each day to learn English. Thirty minutes is a good time, but if you can spare more time, even better.

Depending to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners choose your own place, time and method to learn. But “I am so tired today!” or “I’ll do it tomorrow!” It’s easy to say too. No one has ever learned a new language with this attitude, so you really have to want it. If you are determined and stable, you can succeed!

Up-to-Date Guide for Learning English

Let’s explain the most important reason why you cannot overcome the English learning problem and then end our content. If your foreign language education technique has not modern features, it will be difficult for you to learn English. Moreover, getting an education that is not planned according to today’s conditions will cause you to not learn English. For this reason, the 10 basic rules of English for beginners listed above are an up-to-date guide for learning English.

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