What is a Podcast? How to Improve English with a Podcast?

improve English with a podcast

Would you like to learn English by listening to a fun podcast? You can listen to this app anywhere and anytime. Listen to podcasts that interest you while moving, sitting, commuting, or traveling. With podcasts, you can learn new information, have fun and spend your time well. So, it is possible to improve English with a podcast.

If you make it a habit to listen to podcasts, your listening skills and proficiency in English will increase. One of the great features of apps is that podcasts mostly have transcripts. So, you can listen to and read the subject at the same time. It also means that you can look at the transcript if there is anything you don’t understand about the subject while listening.

Based on our ‘How to improve English with a podcast’ title, in this content, we will talk about how to use these apps to improve your English. In addition, at the end of our content, we will give podcast suggestions for you to improve your English.

Podcast Helps Improve Listening Skill

If you want to improve your foreign language, we recommend listening to podcasts. Significantly, listening to the words in a topic makes it easier for you to remember the words. You also learn to use English words correctly.

While listening to podcasts, you can master the subject more comfortably without listening to every detail, as in conversations with your friends. So you get used to the English language. Based on our ‘How to improve English with a podcast’ title we can say that: Listen to podcasts when you go for a walk, to work, or to school. So, you both evaluate your time and improve your English.

Also, try this to improve your English while listening to podcasts. Take note of the words you learn while listening. Also, listen again to the places you do not understand. Thus, you can understand the subject you are listening to in more detail and improve your English.

Podcast Resource for Correct Pronunciation

Improve your English pronunciation by listening to podcasts. It is beneficial if you listen to English words from a native speaker. Depending on the topic ‘How to improve English with a podcast’ we can say that: When learning English, you will more accurately emphasize words. As a result, your pronunciation improves.

By the way, you know it’s helpful to watch movies and TV shows with English subtitles. We recommend you listen to podcasts like this one with their transcripts. Thus, you will understand the language in detail and, of course, the subject being spoken. Listening to podcasts will also allow you to see how the words you hear are written.

Podcast Contributes to English Grammar

In addition to improving your listening skills, listening to podcasts contributes to English grammar. Also, when listening to native speakers, you become accustomed to using specific sentence structures. In addition, by listening to podcasts, you will have the opportunity to learn the sentence structures that are not common in writing but are frequently used in daily speech.

In scope of the topic ‘How to improve English with a podcast’ we can say that: if you prefer to listen to podcasts only for learning English, it is possible to come across many podcasts whose purpose is in English language education.

Podcast Suggestions to Improve Your English

a) Voice of America Learning English

You will find that there are popular topics on this site. If you are a beginner in English, Voice of America Learning English is for you. It improves your listening and comprehension skills by speaking slowly and quickly. It covers linguistics, cinema, science, American history, and more. In scope of the topic ‘How to improve English with a podcast’ we can say that: The site, decorated with sound and music effects, will be an excellent choice with its listening and speaking-based form.

b) Better at English

Better English is a suitable site if you have an intermediate or higher level of English. Also, if you want to improve your foreign language level, this podcast is for you. It is an application that compiles the speech of native speakers. Serious, ridiculous, significant, insignificant talk is found on every subject. Transcripts and word notes are also available.

c) Luke’s English Podcast

It’s a fun podcast if you like comedy. You’ll laugh as you learn as a stand-up comedy. Based on our ‘How to improve English with a podcast’ title we can say that: The podcast features real-life conversations. Also, Luke is the sole narrator. He has a warm, engaging voice that draws you in. Luke, their stories are so well structured you can’t wait to hear the following sentence. Spoken English is at an average pace, and transcripts are also available.

As a result, a podcast is a popular application where you can get the chance to practice English without spending much time. Especially with the English podcast, you can listen to a topic that interests you without focusing. In short, improve English with a podcast wherever you want, and of course, by listening to the issue you wish to.

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