15 Series Suggestions for English Learners

15 Series Suggestions for English Learners

Watching a series is the easiest way to learn English at home and improve your existing foreign language. The dialogues of the characters in the series are almost an endless source for learning English. Within the scope of the ’15 series suggestions for English learners,’let’s say this: Since the internet came into our lives, it has become easier to learn English by watching foreign series. We can easily find the kind of TV series or movie we want, and we can watch it with or without subtitles.

In addition to these, if you want to improve your English level, you should watch TV series suitable for your level. Thus, you can start with the appropriate series for your level.

1) The Following

In this series, Joe Carrol, a notorious serial killer, has escaped from his prison cell. In addition, Joe has established a network where he can communicate with other serial killers. Upon this situation, the FBI calls former agent Ryan Hardy, who had previously captured Joe Carrol, to duty. They want him to look into this case. Depending on the topic ’15 series suggestions for English learners,’we can say that: If you are a beginner in English, we recommend watching this series.

2) Teen Wolf

In this series, Scott is bitten by a werewolf in the woods. So he turns into a werewolf too. For Scott, a high school student, it becomes increasingly difficult to accept this reality and move on. However, Scott enlists the help of his best friend Stiles Stilinski and another werewolf, Derek Hale. So, McCall tries to lead an everyday life by hiding this fact from other people.

3) Bojack Horseman

It is an animated comedy series broadcast on Netflix. Bojack Horseman is half horse, half human. Also, Bojack Horseman was a famous comedy star in the 90s. But nowadays, it is somewhat discredited. In this series, serious topics are handled humorously in each episode. Based on the topic ’15 series suggestions for English learners,’we can say that: Its subtle humor and attention-grabbing voice make it a very successful option for studying English. 

4) The Vampire Diaries

The characters in the series, Elena and her sister, started to live in Mystic Falls with their aunt. Meanwhile, exciting events begin when Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore return to town. In this series, the war between good and evil occurs between two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan. Torn between the two, Elena wants to keep the balance. Depending on the topic ’15 series suggestions for English learners,’we recommend you to watch ‘The Vampire Diaries’ if your English is near the intermediate level.

5) Gotham

As you know, Gotham is the city of the famous hero Batman. This series is told before Batman. Also, police officer Gordon is the main character in this series. Accompanying Bruce on his journey to transform into Batman, Gordon also battles many of the city’s villains.

6) Lost

Within the scope of the ’15 series suggestions for English learners,’ let’s explain that: In the series, Oceanic Airlines’ Sydney-Los Angeles plane crashes while passing over the ocean. This land, which at first glance looks like an ordinary tropical island, changes the lives of each survivor differently. The passengers who are stranded on the island longer than they thought, encounter a new surprise every day. Now survival on this mysterious island is essential.

7) American Horror Story

In this series, different events are handled each season. In addition, the series tells about the unbelievably frightening events that sometimes occur in a cursed house and sometimes in a mental hospital. Depending on the topic ’15 series suggestions for English learners,’ we can say that: Tension-filled moments await you in this series.

8) Big Bang Theory

It is a cleverly constructed comedy series. In this series, two research assistants are doing MIT PhDs and are pretty nerdy. These people are neighbors with Sheldon, an ordinary waiter. The neighborhood relationship between the research assistants and the waiter is told in the series.

9) Breaking Bad

Walter, a high school chemistry teacher, develops lung cancer. It doesn’t have much of a life left. Walter wants to save money for his family, who will be left behind after him. Walter White enters the drug business with a former student, Jesse Pinkman. Depending on the topic ’15 series suggestions for English learners,’we can say that: From this moment on, difficult moments await the duo.

10) Monk

The series tells the life of a detective named Adrian Monk. A bomb kills this detective’s wife in the parking lot. Then Monk has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Later, Monk returns to work for the San Francisco Police Department. In the series, Monk solves many mysterious events at once.

11) Scrubs

The series is about characters that start as an intern at the Sacred Heart Hospital and then go on to become doctors, and the series features various events in the corridors of the hospital. This series, in which the relationship between men and women is told entertainingly, is a good option for learning English.

12) Da Vinci’s Demons

The series depicts the youth period of Da Vinci. You can also find all the details of Leonardo da Vinci that have not been told until now. Based on the topic ’15 series suggestions for English learners,‘ we can say that: You can improve your English with this story set in Renaissance Italy.

13) How I Met Your Mother

The series begins in 2030 when an architect named Mosby tells his children the story of meeting their mother. In addition, the series tells the adventures of 5 friends by returning to America in 2005.

14) Gossip Girl

It is a series about the glorious life of a group of high school students living in New York. The events are conveyed to the audience through a blog called Gossip Girl. It is a series that left its mark on an era.

15) Friends

The paths of the six characters in the series cross in the past. Over time, these six friends grow closer. The characters in the series grow and mature with the audience throughout the story spanning ten seasons. Based on the topic ’15 series suggestions for English learners,’we can say that you should watch this enjoyable series if you want to learn English.

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