How to Learn English with TV Series?

How to Learn English with TV Series?

While learning English, a more beneficial way is to learn this language from native speakers. If we do not live abroad, in English-speaking surroundings, we can close this gap a little by watching TV series regularly. Well, how to learn English with TV series? Let’s talk about this subject in this content.

Also, watching TV series, you are regularly involved in surrounding where the same characters speak. Imagine practicing speaking by meeting your friends regularly at a cafe in London. And just like that, learning English by watching TV series is close to practicing with your friends in a cafe. Because the same people always speak similarly in TV series. Thus, through these repetitions, you unwittingly learn specific speech patterns. So you learn English even if you don’t realize it.

Tips for Learning English with TV Series

What should you do if you have just started learning English and have no foundation? In this case, you must find videos suitable for the beginner level. It is easy to find such videos on the Youtube platform. Depending on the topic how to learn English with TV series? We can say that: Watching TV series will be a more effective learning method if you have some background or are studying English.

If you haven’t learned English even though you’ve watched foreign TV series for years, what you need to do is very simple. For this, we will give you tips on what to do while watching TV series to improve your English.

Watch Short TV Series

First, have a pen, notebook, and dictionary application while watching the series because you will need to write the words or phrases in your notebook. The notes in this notebook will be helpful for you in the future.

To learn English with TV series, ensure that any content you watch is short. For example, choose a comedy series that has 20 minutes for each episode. Because of that, if you select a long movie, you will focus your attention on the events in the film. Thus, you cannot learn the words you need to know. However, thanks to short TV series, you can focus more easily on the terms and structures you have just learned.

Watching TV Series with Subtitles

Should you watch TV series with subtitles to learn English? If you are a beginner in a foreign language, you can watch it with your native language subtitles for the first time. There will be many expressions and idioms that you will not understand in English.

First, watch the series once with your native language subtitles and satisfy your curiosity. Then, for the second time, watch the series with English subtitles. In the meantime, stop the sequence when a new word, phrase, or phrase pops up. Examine the meaning of these new words and write them down in your notebook. Also, depending on the topic’ How to learn English with TV series’ we can say that: Repeat these words out loud.

It is also essential that the subtitle translation is done correctly and well. If something in the subtitle does not match the scene you are watching, there may be an error in the translation. It is helpful to be careful and make comparisons from the dictionary.

In the scope of the topic’ How to learn English with TV series’ we recommend you that: Watch the series with English subtitles to improve your language, except when you find it very difficult. After a while, you can turn the subtitles off when you realize that you can understand most of what is spoken without looking at the subtitles.

Applications to Understand English TV Series

Some applications make it possible to simultaneously see the subtitles of the TV series you watch in your native language and English. Also, some great apps let you hover over words, look up their dictionary meanings, and listen to their pronunciation. To learn English with TV series, you can also benefit from these applications, some of which are free. An example is the Learn English with Netflix application add-on, which you can use while watching a series on Netflix from your Google Chrome browser.

TV Series Suggestions

a) American Detective

This semi-documentary series is one of the ideal series for English learners. Joe Kenda, a detective, explains in detail how he solved the murders. You also improve your English vocabulary with this series. In this series, you will watch unbelievable crimes being solved with the meticulous work of the police. You will also find yourself trying to solve the crime with the team.

The narrator of this show speaks so slowly and fluently that it is as if he prepared the presentation for English learners! To learn English with TV series, you can watch this series from the beginner level and understand daily conversations and detective jargon.

b) I am not Okay with This

The main character of the series, Sydney Novak, has a depressed and introverted personality. As Sydney struggles with the challenges of adolescence, she begins to notice the strangeness of her own body. Sydney’s friend Stanley softens the depressing side of the show with his quirks and humor. Watching Sydney’s adventures takes viewers back to their high school years.

The language used in the show is very understandable. There are not very intense dialogues, and the characters’ speech is slow. It is suitable for watching from the beginner level, as we see the daily language used mainly by high school youth.

As you read in this content, watching TV series in English improves your foreign language. Depending on ‘How to learn English with series’, we can say the following: Please pay attention to the points we have explained above. You can also watch the short and interesting series we recommend.

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