8 Reasons to Learn English

8 Reasons to Learn English

There are many reasons why learning English is a good idea. We will only talk about 8 reasons to learn English in this content. Meeting new people and being able to communicate easily are the main reasons. It also allows you to see the world from a different perspective. And it also makes you a better listener.

Researches show that people who speak two or more languages ​​have more active and creative minds. In other words, you are sure to see the numerous advantages of learning a language.

1. It is the Most Widely Spoken Language in the World

English is the most used and spoken language worldwide. That’s why we put this important item at the top of our topic 8 reasons to learn English. At least 1 in 5 people can speak or understand English. In fact, more people speak Mandarin Chinese and Spanish than English. Despite this, most people in the world prefer to learn English instead of speaking these languages. For this reason, learning English gives you benefits that you cannot imagine.

2. Offers Better Job and Salary Opportunities

Companies today are becoming more international. Learning English is one of the most important skills you can gain for this. Therefore, wherever you go in the world, you can find a job if you know English. That’s why there are many job opportunities in the world or in your country where you can work with your English language skills. In addition, good salary options are one of the most important reasons for people to learn English. Let’s give examples of 8 reasons to learn English from some developed countries in the world.

The native language of Americans you know is English. Moreover, this country is involved in giant technology companies such as Google and Apple in America. These technology companies recruit talented people from around the world on the condition that they speak English.

In addition, South Korea, which impresses with its companies such as Hyundai and Samsung, offers job opportunities to people around the world on the condition that they know English. Today, many global and popular companies in Japan and China offer people to know English as a mandatory requirement for recruitment.

3. It is the Language of Academic Studies

Let’s say this within the scope of 8 reasons to learn English: Knowledge of English is a must for academic studies all over the world. Almost all of the academic studies and research articles in the world are written in English.

Knowledge of English is a must in order to take part in scientific, theoretical and technological research at many international universities. Also, students and researchers from different countries of the world need professional level English. Because the projects they will publish must be written in English.

4. Web Language

Today, one of the most effective parts for our title 8 reasons to learn English is that the internet language is English. Most of all websites are in English. Among these sites, the topics that concern your future, such as foreign universities and finding a job, are always in English. In addition, it is related to the subjects you have studied or related to your interests.

It is easy to find resources in English language. At the same time, if you want to socialize on social media platforms, it is enough to know the English language.

5. Provides Convenience while Traveling

If you are a traveler, you understand the importance of the English language. You can find someone who can speak English all over the world nowadays. Let’s say this within the scope of 8 reasons to learn English: English language will make your situation easier when you travel to the country you want. In general, flight announcements, train directions, street signs, emergency information everywhere in the world are in English. It is difficult to find someone who speaks your native language while traveling. But it is very likely that you will meet other English speaking people like you.

6. It is the Language of the Media

One of the 8 reasons to learn English is that English is the language of media. News bulletins and media contents around the world are prepared in English. You can watch the BBC. It is an English channel that reaches the world with daily news, series and programs. The American TV series, movies and music industry is one of the most effective ways to improve your English. English is the language of international media and art. Also, English is the most powerful language you can learn to enjoy your favorite books, songs, movies.

7. English is the Language of Literature

Among the 8 reasons to learn English, we can say that this language should be learned in order to read literary works written in English. The books written by some of the world’s most famous writers are in English. You may want to read these books in their original language, English. That’s why you should learn English.

8. English Strengthens Your Memory

You can learn English to strengthen your memory. Because scientific research shows that people who speak two languages ​​have a strong memory. However, if you learn English, it will be easier for you to learn a second foreign language later. In short, strengthening the memory is an important detail among the 8 reasons to learn English.


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