5 Steps English Study Program

5 Steps English Study Program

It is very important to practice patiently and consistently to improve your English level. To study English on a regular basis, you need to prepare yourself an English study program. So, how to prepare an English study plan?

For an effective English study plan, you need to establish regular working hours for yourself. In addition, you should do various practices to improve your language skills at certain hours. While preparing a study plan, you should spend more time on language skills that you consider weak. So you will learn English faster. Depending on the subject, English study program we will explain:

  • Why should you have a study program?
  • What are the English study techniques?
  • How to prepare a program to study English?

Why Should You Have a Study Program?

If you are going to learn English effectively, you will need a study program. The study program allows you to practice on a regular basis. You also improve yourself in areas where you are lacking. Let’s list the benefits of the English study program below:

  • Studying English by preparing a systematic program will cause you to learn English better. It also helps you progress in your language learning programmatically and step-by-step.
  • The English study program also allows you to measure your language progress.
  • Preparing an English study plan will help you set your goals. You can make evaluations about where to start and how to continue for your goals.
  • Creating your own study plan causes you to maintain a study process that suits you. In other words, you can study English whenever you want. In addition, no matter how busy you are, you can do your English studies at appropriate times.
  • Most importantly, the English study program is motivating.

What are the English Study Techniques?

To learn English, you need to know some methods. Thanks to these methods, you can speak, write, read and understand English. It will definitely be a method that English learners like more to apply. Although it is a method that you like the most, you should also pay attention to other methods. So, each technique will improve your different language skills. The important thing is that you should continue the method you apply regularly. The general techniques depending on the English study program are as follows:

  • Read lots of English materials. For example; you can read books, magazines, newspapers, social media contents.
  • You should practice writing in English. You can write a diary. You can also write about a topic that interests you. If you wish, you can write your thoughts about a movie or TV series you watched. You can write short comments on social media to improve your English writing.
  • You can listen to various English songs and podcasts.
  • You should practice speaking English. For this, you can join the online course. So you can practice speaking with native English speakers.
  • How do you know if your English is at an advanced level? You can realize that you have reached an advanced level when you start thinking in English. Depending on the Depending on the English study program, keep watching TV series, movies or programs with English subtitles to reach this level.

How to Prepare a Program to Study English?

Let’s explain how to plan an English study program in 5 steps.

1) You can Start an English Course

Before you start setting goals, you should know this: What level are you at in English? The most effective way to learn this is to start an English course. Your teacher will assess your strengths and weaknesses. It will tell you at what stage are your English skills. Then you can start your English study program.

2)    Set Long and Short Term Goals

Set a one-year goal. Start learning English with this goal in mind. Your target may be passing an English test. You can also aim to speak English effectively. Divide your long goal into shorter goals. These small goals should be your goals that you need to achieve in different months of the year. Having lots of short goals will give you a sense of accomplishment as you reach them. A sense of achievement will motivate you more to learn English.

3) Determine How You Will Measure Your Success

There are several ways to measure your language learning success. You can run regular tests to determine if you are meeting your goals. In the scope of the title, ‘English study program’ we can say that: You can ask your teacher for an assessment of your skills. If you don’t have a teacher, make a chart. As you reach your goals, you can write ‘I succeeded’ on your chart.

4) Reward Yourself

Reward yourself while learning English. Make rewards part of your plan. Your rewards don’t have to be big. But it should be commensurate with the difficulty of your goals. Identify your rewards with clear measures of success. Only get your reward when you actually reach the goal.

5) Have Easy Goals

Reaching a goal is a great feeling. So have easy goals. You will be more motivated when you achieve easy goals. Starting off on a positive note will keep you motivated. At times, easy goals will help you form positive study habits.

So, those are five steps to planning success in foreign language. In short, set your goals. Also, measure your success periodically. Determine your awards within the context of the ‘English study program’.

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