8 Reasons to Make English Difficult to Learn

Reasons to Make English Difficult to Learn

Let’s talk about reasons to make English difficult to learn. English is a language that most people want to learn but cannot learn. Speaking this popular language is the dream of most people. But almost no effort is made to learn the language properly. If we knew our mistakes while trying to learn English, maybe we wouldn’t have such a hard time understanding this language. In this content, let’s list the reasons to make English difficult to learn. We hope that you will overcome the obstacles in front of you in learning English.

1.  We Underestimate and Delay Learning by Listening

We ignore and postpone learning English by listening. We want to draw your attention to the following point: We all know our native language by listening. But it doesn’t occur to most of us that we can learn something by listening. We keep postponing it, though. However, listening is one of the most effective languages teaching methods.

2.  We are not Trying to Write in English

You studied so much grammar and memorized words, but when you reach the end of the road, do you forget what you left behind? One of the biggest reasons to make English difficult to learn the words and grammar you memorized in theory without putting them into practice. We must learn that we cannot progress in a language without writing. As far as we know, we should always write something, even if it is a paragraph. This is work that we have to do to consolidate what we have learned and not forget it.

3.  While Learning English, We are only Trying to Learn Grammar

For some reason, we always start with the grammar in English. This method is not a bad thing.  Because we must start somewhere in learning this language, however, we should not leave it only in grammar. If we focus only on grammar, this becomes one of the reasons to make English difficult to learn. We must also do reading, listening, writing, and speaking. In short, we should support grammar with these.

4. We are Trying to Learn English by Thinking in Our Native Language Logic

It is not right to try to speak English by thinking in our native language. Besides, trying to translate what we read into our language is a problem in itself. We need to use English as a ‘yes’ or ‘okay’ without thinking in our language.

5. We Don’t Memorize English Words in the Right Way

Memorization is essential when learning a language. We have to memorize words. However, not using the words after remembering them is one of the reasons to make English difficult to learn. Therefore, memorization alone is not enough. It is also wrong to memorize grammar. We must learn grammar by practice. Memorized grammar is not helpful and sufficient.

6. We Throw away all Opportunities to Speak.

We want to explain this topic: We do not try to speak in school English lessons. This is the best way to describe this topic. However, if we had used every opportunity, we could have reached a level where we could comfortably carry on some daily conversations. We cannot claim to know a language without speaking it. So one of the reasons to make English difficult to learn is not trying to speak English.

In addition, today we have excellent opportunities such as the Internet. There are millions of people on the Internet whose native language is English. There will be someone among these people to talk to us. You can be a chat friend with a native English speaker. If you want, you can send e-mails to each other. Finally, you can improve your speaking by using many platforms like Online English Cources that teach English on the Internet.

7.    We are Afraid of Making Mistakes

We forget that mistakes are the most excellent teacher. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be scared to speak up, no matter how ridiculous and disgusting you may be. It doesn’t matter whether your sentence structure is broken or your pronunciation is terrible… So one of the reasons to make English difficult to learn is afraid of making mistakes. Don’t forget that: Today’s good English speakers were yesterday’s bad speakers. We have a desire to go from zero to 100 instantly. We must break this perfectionism and try to do the best we are.

8.    We Work Without a Plan

Random work without any plan will not have a long-term effect. That’s why your learning process should be within a program. The method is essential. If you don’t set your plan, you will wear out. Identify a way that suits you and start striving for it. Otherwise, it won’t be effortless for you to progress. So one of the reasons to make English difficult to learn is working without a plan.

Learning a language takes time. It’s a process. The more you devote this time to English soon, the faster your learning speed will be.

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