English Activity List to Learn English in A Fun Way

Learn English in A Fun Way

Learning English takes a certain amount of effort and time. But you should not turn your learning process into a nightmare. Otherwise, you will not be able to learn English. It is possible to learn English in a fun way, that is, by combining it with the activities you like. Also, no matter how well you master the English grammar, it won’t make any sense unless you practice. Meanwhile, below we explain in content fun activities for you to practice your English.

Singing / Karaoke in English

We recommend you to sing karaoke with your friends to learn English. Also, your voice doesn’t have to be very good. Besides, you have a lot of fun while doing karaoke. Improve your pronunciation by singing in English.

In addition, to learn English in a fun way, the songs you sing may be songs you know and hear all the time. Thus, while reading the song from the screen, you can see sentence patterns and some grammar rules. Of course, this also applies to songs you don’t know. You also learn new words and memorize English words and phrases with the music.

Chat Friendship

This activity may be a bit of today’s equivalent of pen pals in the past. Now there are English speaking sites and applications that you can access virtually. These applications are like speaking clubs. But with chat friendship it is more comfortable to try to talk to native speakers. Because of that it is a virtual place where you can talk to learn English in a fun way.

Improve your English reading, comprehension and writing skills with this conversation. On the other hand, you will come across new information and people from a new culture. When you focus on it a little, it can have a significant impact on improving your English if you don’t get bored right away.

English Apps, Playing Games

Our way of entertainment has changed a lot with the internet. You can guess that most of us spend our lives with mobile devices. For this, it is necessary to use English applications, quizzes, vocabulary applications, short videos, which are very effective in learning English.

On the other hand, playing online games in English is important to learn English in a fun way. Because of that playing mostly in the original language will improve your language skills. You will find that a high percentage of people playing online games have good knowledge of English. Because of that being in the game all the time has made them accustomed to English words. It also helped them learn English words thoroughly. Another factor that helps them learn is the pleasure they get while playing.

Hangman, Name/City 

Hangman game is a fun game that gives very tense moments. Also, the Name/City game is like a fun quiz to learn English in a fun way. When the games are played, people who go crazy because they know but cannot know at the moment, and those who never know anything, add different energy to the game. Playing games in your native language is also enjoyable. And if you play in English, you will learn English words.

Speaking English with Native Speakers

You can reach native English speakers at any place and time via the internet. It is also a unique opportunity for you to spend time having fun with some applications. There are applications on the internet where you can talk and chat about the subject you want.

There are also platforms where you can teach grammar-based lessons, record the lessons and watch them again. Moreover, you can do these to learn English in a fun way by using only the internet and computer / phone. If you choose entertaining topics to talk about, you can see the conversations and environments you have with your friends here. If you focus on having fun, you can have a pleasant time.

Watching Movies, TV Series, Videos in English

By watching comedy movies, you can have a slightly more positive outlook on life. So your point of view will be coded as catching jokes. By the way, you can also watch drama/thriller movies. But we recommend comedy to you because our topic is to learn English in a fun way. With comedy movies, you can understand English jokes and perceive flexibility in the language. We can guarantee that it will be a mind-opening activity.

Are You Ready to Learn English With Fun?

As you can see, learning English is not boring. Thick and complicated grammar books, words that need to be memorized can scare you. Also, the essays that need to be written may seem boring to you. Instead of these, you can do the activities we recommend in this content. So you learn English in a fun way. As a result, learning English will benefit you in every way.

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