How to Introduce Yourself in English Interviews

How to Introduce Yourself in English Interviews

First impressions are always important when you introduce yourself in English interviews. In job interviews, this importance increases even more. What you say in the first stage of the interview can have a good or bad effect at the end.

Communication, a social skill, is one of the essential points for the employer. You don’t want to appear as if you lack communication during an interview. Instead, you want to show that you are a person with high communication skills who will add professionalism to the company from the moment you are hired.

There are some ways to introduce yourself in any interview setting. It is easier to express yourself in an interview in your language. However, if the interview is conducted in English, or if the interview turns into English at a time when you least expect it, it is pretty normal to experience some difficulties. Therefore, before going to the interview in English, it would be good to practice to introduce yourself in English interviews.

Tips for Introducing Yourself

Although the English interview may seem complicated, English interview questions and answers are generally similar. When you meet the person who will interview you for a professional introduction, extend your hand and introduce yourself. When doing this, address the interviewer in English with the last name and use your first and last name. This way, while showing respect to the other person, you can also introduce yourself in English interviews and express gratitude for inviting you to this job interview.

Research the Company

The best thing to do for an interview is to research the company beforehand. Find out as much as possible about the company you’re interviewing for. Visit the company’s website and browse the career opportunities available. Researching social media accounts is also one of the best ways to learn about the company.

You will feel less vulnerable when you know about the company you are interviewing in English. This means you have done your homework and have to show it to the other party somehow. According to how introduce yourself in English interviews topic we can say that:  You can make an effective start by using your knowledge about the company during the meeting.

Tell Me about Yourself

Tell me about yourself; a question sentence may seem scary even in your social life. Finding the answer to such an open-ended question is difficult in any case. And if you have to answer this in business English during the English interview, you may feel like you’re in a nightmare. But there is no need to be so panicked. There’s no harm in providing a little personal information at this point. When you prepare the answer to this question in advance and introduce yourself in English interviews topic will no longer be a nightmare for you.

What Should You Talk About?

Among the things to keep in mind during an English interview and when you need to use business English, there are some items that you should highlight in your own life. Your work experience, skills, qualifications, strengths, achievements, and credentials come first. For example, if you need to provide information about your career, I’ve been a teacher for seven years’. When giving information about the languages according to how introduce yourself in English interviews topic, you can choose sentences like; 

  • ‘I also know how to speak and write in English and German.’


If you want to add positive personality traits to the English interview, you can use sentences such as;

  • ‘I’m very organized, and I like music.’
  • ‘And I also love to write an article.’ 

On the one hand, you are making sentences suitable for business English and English interview and making your English discussion more interesting. You can make a tow.

Trust Yourself

Confidence is an essential point in job interviews, but in any case, too much is harmful. According to how introduce yourself in English interviews topic we can say that: Business English can be a source of confidence for you during an English interview, but reflecting on it to the other party can have bad results. People often imply that they have great personalities but find no evidence to support this. In such a situation, the chances of being taken seriously are meager. Therefore, if you are confident in yourself, trust! Instead of saying you’re great, talk about what makes you great.

With Business English, it is entirely up to you to make yourself stand out in an English interview. According to how introduce yourself in English interviews topic we can say that: Most of the time, the interviewer asks questions unrelated to the job. If the other person does not ask appropriate questions for the position you are applying for and does not allow you to introduce yourself adequately, it is your turn to take a step. It would be best to take control to ensure you’re being evaluated correctly. You can continue introducing yourself by explaining your strengths during the recruitment and interview process.

Remember that neither business English nor an English interview is not as complicated as you think. It will be easy for you to cope with a short preliminary preparation before the interview. This way, you will see that you express yourself in the best way to introduce yourself in English interviews.  

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