English Topics for Beginners

English Topics for Beginners

Before moving on to our content titled English topics for beginners, let’s first explain what A1 level English is. English is divided into three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Basic English, namely Beginner, is called A1 English level. It is the first level of learning English. It is the first level to be understood by those who are new to learning English and those who do not have any knowledge of English.

Is A1 Level English Difficult?

Any language you learn for the first time is always tricky at first. The more you engage in that language, the easier it is to know. According to English topics for beginners we can say that: A1-level English is basic English, so it is easier than advanced English. But with A1 level English, it is more difficult to understand and speak English texts because the number of learned words and expressions is limited.

What are English Topics for Beginners?

Since it is a beginner level, the essential topics at this level are grammar, sentence making, and memorization. By memorizing the words you use the most in daily life, you learn to form sentences. You can easily read and understand essential idioms and sentence patterns at this level. You know mostly sentence patterns and expressions you will encounter daily. In short according to English topics for beginners we can say that: You can speak and explain enough English to explain your problem. You can read and understand concise, simple texts.

Grammar and Speech

Let’s explain the topics you will learn within the scope of English topics for beginners:

  • You will learn to greet and introduce yourself.
  • By understanding the alphabet, you begin to develop spelling skills.
  • You know numbers from 1 to 100. You also gain the ability to pronounce and count these numbers. You will also learn how to say phone numbers.
  • And you learn demonstrative pronouns. In other words, you grasp the connection between ‘this is here’ and ‘it is there.’
  • You learn the verb ‘to be.’ This verb is for all subjects; you practice with affirmative, question, and negative forms.
  • Also, you learn basic descriptive adjectives so you can describe objects.
  • According to English topics for beginners we can say that: You learn basic prepositions.
  • You learn the phrases ‘there is, there are.’ In other words, you grasp the differences between singular and plural, interrogative and negative forms.
  • In addition, you learn to use the words ‘some, any, much, and many.’ You practice the affirmative, negative, and question forms of some and any.
  • You learn to form question sentences. Besides, you practice how much and how many.
  • Also, you learn adverbs of frequency. You practice using adverbs of frequency like ‘always, often, sometimes, and never.’
  • You learn subject pronouns. You practice pronouns such as ‘I, you, he, she, it, we, them.’ You learn possessive adjectives. You practice adjectives like ‘my, your, his, her, (its), our, your, and their. You know Basic Adjectives.
  • You learn the basic rules for definite and indefinite articles using ‘ a, an, the. ‘
  • You learn to use Present Simple to describe your daily routines.

How Many Months to Learn A1 Level English?

If you are a determined and hardworking person, you will learn beginner level English in two months. According to English topics for beginners we can say that: Working regularly and repeating words daily will increase your success and save you time. It is in your hands to shorten this period even more by using English learning techniques or online education sites.

Today, there are many possibilities for learning English. There are many opportunities to receive training from both online training sites on the internet sites and one-to-one courses. There are even courses where you set the training time yourself. According to English topics for beginners we can say that:  You can learn English by meeting with native speakers on the internet. You will both make new friends and learn about a new culture.

A1 level English can be learned even in a month and a half, depending on the person’s possibilities and desire to learn. The fact that the courses and course contents at this level are more accessible shortens the time to learn A1 level English even more. You know the primary level in less time than advanced level English.

What can You Do if You Know English Topics for Beginners?

You can introduce yourself and use basic greetings. Also you can say your hometown and the hometown of others. You can briefly introduce your city.

Meanwhile, you can provide simple information about family and co-workers. According to English topics for beginners we can say that: You can also briefly describe your appearance, and your characters. In addition, you can talk about clothes at a basic level. Besides, he can ask the sellers about them.

You can talk about your favorite foods. Also, you can order simple takeaway meals. You can talk about daily activities. In addition, you can talk about current weather conditions. You can talk about general things about your health.

Besides, you can explain the location of your house. In other words, you can give simple directions. Depending on the topic English topics for beginners you can talk about your hobbies and interests.

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