English Speech Patterns Required for Everyday Speech

English speech patterns

English everyday speech patterns include frequently used phrases. Also, learning these patterns will speed up your speaking process. They are also quite effective for communicating more practically in the English language. First of all, let’s tell you about the benefits of learning English speech patterns.

Daily speech patterns help you to communicate quickly and practically when meeting people, shopping, ordering food and traveling. Even if your knowledge of English is at a basic level, you can easily communicate by learning these patterns.

You can also make minor changes to these sentence structures. Thus, you can produce many different sentences. In this way, you will learn the general sentence structure of English. Also, English speech patterns are very advantageous in that they are easy to remember. You can write down certain English speech patterns that you have difficulty in remembering on your phone and keep them with you. In this way, if you can’t remember the phrases during the English dialogue, you can quickly browse through your notes and continue speaking.

English Speech Patterns

Greeting Patterns

First, let’s explain the greeting patterns.

What are the ‘How Are You?’ Question Patterns?

  • How are you (doing)?
  • How is it going?
  • Are you doing okay?
  • How are you feeling?

Answers to the Question ‘How are you?’

  • I am fine.
  • I am okay.
  • I could be better.
  • I am all right.
  • So so- not so great.
  • I feel well.

English Patterns Used When Meeting Someone

You can use these English speech patterns for meeting someone:

  • Let me introduce myself to you.
  • This is my friend, Michael.
  • Diana, this is the woman I was telling about you.
  • Henry, this is Mary.

‘Nice to Meet You’ Patterns

  • (Glad, Nice, Good) to meet you.
  • (It is a pleasure to meet you.)
  • (How nice to meet you.)

Patterns for Making Friends with Someone

  • Do you want to join us?
  • Mind if I join you?
  • Would you like to dance?

English Patterns Used in Food and Beverage Service Places

You can use the following English speech patterns for taking orders:

  • May I take your order, please?
  • Here or take away?/ For here or to go?
  • Would you like to see the menu?
  • Do you want to learn our speacials for today?

You can use the following English patterns when ordering:

  • We are ready to order.
  • We need more time to decide.
  • Is there anything you can suggest?
  • Do I pay you or the cashier?
  • Can you get  a glass of water?
  • What are your specialities?
  • Keep the change.
  • Can you seperate the bill, please?
  • I couldn’t finish this. Could you wrap it, please?

English Speech Patterns Related to Airplane, Train, Bus Travel

  • How can I go to the downtown?
  • Can I reserve a seat in advance?
  • Do we stop for the meals?
  • What is the fare?
  • Do I have to change the planes?
  • Will there be a layover?
  • Is it a direct flight?
  • What is the departure time?
  • What is the arrival time?

English Speech Patterns about Shopping

  • What is your size?
  • That is your colour.
  • Do you have something specific in mind?
  • May I help you?
  • That looks nice (or great on you).
  • Are you being helped?
  • How would you want to pay?

English Diary Patterns used for Hotel Accommodation

  • Can I book a room?
  • I have a reservation.
  • I need (a single/double bed) in the room.
  • Are pets allowed?

Pronunciation of English Speech Patterns

Let’s talk about how these patterns are read. You can read words very well. But accents and meanings in English speech patterns can vary. All you have to do is watch videos, listen to people, talk, and make mistakes. As a result, you begin to pronounce these sentences in the most correct way.

In order to be able to say that I know English, it is not enough to be able to read that language from written sources and understand what you read. It is very important for us as social beings to speak the language. In other words, it is necessary to talk to each other for many situations such as meeting, greeting, asking for addresses. You can socialize with English conversation dialogues that contain basic information. You can even travel in a country you don’t know at all without needing anyone.

So, are the English speech patterns enough to meet all your needs? Of course, English patterns are not enough to enjoy more when you go on holiday to a foreign country. Also, when you meet strangers for work, you will need much more than the sentences in this dialogue to impress them. In the scope of the subject, English speech patterns we can say that:  If you want to speak English fluently without any difficulty, you can learn English easily with English course.

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