10 Basic Rules of English for Beginners

10 Basic Rules of English for Beginners

Many people who want to learn English do not know where to start. Beginners, on the other hand, are disappointed because they haven’t made any progress. Let’s give details about the 10 basic rules of English for beginners that will be useful to you in this content.

1. Think Like a Child

This may sound silly to you, but using English materials for kids is an excellent way to start learning a language. Children’s books, children’s movies and TV shows would be simple. When a native English speaker learns the language for the first time, he or she goes through the same steps that you are going through right now. It all starts with basic words and sounds.

You’ll understand more if you use children’s books and movies alongside other self-help books and language learning materials. Depending to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners your self-confidence will increase as there will be very little in these materials that you don’t understand. There is no better feeling than understanding something in another language.

2. Listen to Everything

If you think about it, when children learn their language, they don’t learn by reading or writing. Because of this, they pick up words used by people and voices around them (parents, siblings, favorite cartoons, etc.).

At first they either understand nothing or very little. But as time passes, they acquire more and more words. These words gradually turn into phrases, then full sentences, and eventually children are able to carry out simple conversations.

Surround yourself with English, depending to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners. Let the radio play in English in the background. Learn English with podcasts for native speakers. Watch English TV series. If you live in an English-speaking area or an area frequented by English-speaking tourists, listen to them talk. However, over time, you will be having conversations in English too.

3. Learn English by Listening to Music

One of the most enjoyable ways to learn English is to learn with music. What’s more, the language used in the songs is native English, so you speak the language native speakers. Depending on 10 basic rules of English for beginners, you should do these while listening to music:

  • Listen to the songs and sing along to the lyrics.
  • Find English lyrics online and try to understand them yourself.
  • Choose your favorite words and sentences and write them down in your notebook.
  • Look up the meanings of the words you do not know in the dictionary.
  • And do not forget to try to use them at every opportunity.

4. Watch Movies to Learn English

Watch movies in English that you know and have watched before in your native language. Being familiar with the story helps you understand what’s being said in the movie. Because it gives you a meaning for the words you don’t know. Take your notebook with you and write down the phrases and sentences you think are useful. Then using them and imagine how you would use these expressions in your own conversations. Remember, according to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners the more repetitions you do, the better you will remember.

10 Basic Rules of English for Beginners

5. Read Books to Learn English

The more English books you read, the better your English will improve. There are many things you can do to improve your English language while studying. As you read, you will often come across words you have never seen before.

Instead of skipping unknown words and continuing to read, take time to learn what they mean according to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners. This is one of the methods you can apply. Sometimes you understand what a word means in a sentence. To do this, you need to look at the words around the unknown word. This usually provides a good clue.

6.  Learn English from YouTube

YouTube has every type of video imaginable. Old comedy shows, movie trailers, funny videos, TV commercials, how-to videos and much more.

Whatever interests you, type it into the search bar on YouTube, choose a video and start watching and listening. It will be much easier for you to understand and learn while watching the video according to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners. Because you have background knowledge on a subject you are interested in while watching something in English.

7. Watch News to Learn English

If you don’t know enough English to understand all the news, read or listen to news on the same topic in your own language first. Then study the English of what you read or listen to. If you don’t understand much, don’t worry. There are also websites that offer simplified news for different levels of English learners.

8. Join Online Language Forums

Another great way to work on your English writing and communication skills is to join one of the online forums. According to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners people have English discussions on topics that interest them in online forms. Reddit, for example, is a popular site with a wide range of topics (called subreddits on the site), so it might be a good place to start. And don’t forget that you can find online forums dedicated to just about any topic.

9. Talk English with Those Who Wish to Learn English

Do you have friends who are in the same situation as you that is trying to learn English? If your answer is “Yes” to this question, you should learn English with them. Depending to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners organize a group of friends to meet each week at home or in a cafe. Ban the use of native language in these meetings. Just bring an English speaking rule. Assign someone to bring something interesting to talk about each week.

10. Set Realistic Goals for Learning English

Set yourself realistic goals and set aside a specific time each day to learn English. Thirty minutes is a good time, but if you can spare more time, even better.

Depending to the 10 basic rules of English for beginners choose your own place, time and method to learn. But “I am so tired today!” or “I’ll do it tomorrow!” It’s easy to say too. No one has ever learned a new language with this attitude, so you really have to want it. If you are determined and stable, you can succeed!

Up-to-Date Guide for Learning English

Let’s explain the most important reason why you cannot overcome the English learning problem and then end our content. If your foreign language education technique has not modern features, it will be difficult for you to learn English. Moreover, getting an education that is not planned according to today’s conditions will cause you to not learn English. For this reason, the 10 basic rules of English for beginners listed above are an up-to-date guide for learning English.

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